48-50 Beattie Cres, Morwell VIC 3840

A Kinder Cup

At A Kinder Cup, it’s more than just coffee – it’s a chance for kindness and compassion to shine. When you sip your coffee, you’re also filling someone else’s cup with hope.

Our Vision

Every coffee you purchase here contributes directly to the Morwell Neighborhood House charity. These funds support our dedicated staff and volunteers in their vital work within our local communities.

About A Kinder Cup

We believe that a simple act of kindness can change the world. When you enjoy our coffee or pay it forward, you’re investing in programs that run through the Morwell Neighbourhood House and its social enterprise café, A Kinder Cup.

Our Values

Our actions are grounded in our core values:

Authenticity: Being true to ourselves and our mission.
Boldness: Taking initiative and embracing innovation.
Compassion: Extending care and empathy to all.
Respect: Valuing diversity and treating everyone with dignity.
Innovation: Seeking creative solutions for positive change.
Thoughtfulness: Considering the impact of our choices.
Above all, we value kindness – it's the driving force behind everything we do.

Keep Your Cup

Join us in reducing waste and enjoy your coffee at a lower cost by bringing your reusable cup. Every small step towards sustainability counts.

Our Team

A Kinder Cup operates as a social enterprise café, providing learning opportunities for newcomers to the café industry. As we're on a learning curve, your patience is greatly appreciated. We believe the wait for quality is always worthwhile.

Contact A Kinder Cup

We can't wait to welcome you! Visit us and be part of our mission to brew kindness into every cup.

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