• A Kinder Cup


    We want to foster compassion, contribution, and connection: We will identify community groups in need of support, promote their work to our customers and share with them a slice of the profits.
    We want to provide meaningful work experience opportunities: Working with the team at A Kinder Cup, community members will be able to expand their capabilities, engage with others in a meaningful and authentic way, and learn about the value of providing quality service with a smile.

    We want to spread the love: Customers can pay it forward by purchasing a coffee or meal for someone else, or by simply sharing a message of kindness in their own unique way.

  • Vaccination Champion

    Fatima, our Cultural Support Worker is a
    “Hi, my name is Fatima. I have got COVID-19 vaccination because I want to keep myself and other people around me safe.”
    اسلام علیکم، میرا نام فاطمہ ہے۔ میں نے کوویڈ ۱۹ ویکسینیشن لی ہے کیونکہ میں اپنے آپ کو اور اپنے ارد گرد کے دیگر لوگوں کو محفوظ رکھنا چاہتی ہوں۔
    Information about COVID-19 in Rohingya
    COVID-19 véksin ókkol | Australian Government Department of Health
    Information about COVID-19 in Urdu
    COVID-19 ویکسینز | Australian Government Department of Health
    Information about COVID-19 in Arabic
    لقاحات COVID-19 | Australian Government Department of Health
    Information about COVID-19 in Hindi
    COVID-19 के टीके | Australian Government Department of Health
    Information about COVID-19 in different languages
    COVID-19 vaccine information in your language | Australian Government Department of Health

Gippsland Neighbourhood Houses providing bang for buck

Morwell Neighbourhood House manager Tracie Lund described the report’s findings as “pretty astounding”. “Neighbourhood Houses are front-line responders in the community and we’ve seen them across the sector respond to emergencies,” Ms Lund told The Express. “This is really about immediate need, for example, during the first lockdown we were doing welfare checks, groceries and

Mask-making drive a success as Morwell Neighbourhood House volunteers take up cause

Key points: Eighty people have volunteered to make the face masks The volunteers have produced more than 500 masks Face masks will be mandatory in regional Victoria from midnight Sunday


RISE OF THE COMMUNITY OUTREACH SUPERCENTRE: THE COMPLEX AND EVOLVING ROLE OF NEIGHBOURHOOD HOUSES Our society has changed substantially since the Neighbourhood House movement emerged from the1970s. Like other oganisations historically staffed by female volunteers such as the CWA, the Neighbourhood House movement has frequently been trivialised by popular culture as a light weight community

Morwell Deserves Answers

TAFE Gippsland Pamper Day

We have been holding Pamper Days with TAFE Gippsland for the last four years. This little video explains what we do and why it is so important.  

About Morwell Neighbourhood House

Morwell Neighbourhood House is established for those people and families who are experiencing poverty, disadvantage, distress or isolation within the Morwell and surrounding communities.

Donate to Help the Community!

At Morwell Neighbourhood House, our goal is to help individuals and families of our community. We even go beyond our community and extend our aid to Morwell’s surrounding communities.

We are a registered charity and non-profit centre, working for the welfare of those suffering from distress and isolation, or experiencing poverty and disadvantage.

Even though we have a modest budget, we do the best with what we have in an efficient and effective manner. Our services have been set up in a way that help in advancing the public and social welfare of the Morwell Neighbourhood and nearby communities.

In order to increase the independence of disadvantaged people, our centre provides:

• Educational Support

• Skills Learning

• Training and Volunteering Opportunities

• Support Programs

However, we cannot do it without your help!

If you wish to make a positive impact in our community, you can do so by becoming a donor to the Morwell Neighbourhood House donations in the following ways:

• Cash Donations (Any monetary donations over $2 are tax deductible!)

• In-Kind Donations (Donating Goods and Services!)

• Direct Deposit to Bank Account: Morwell Neighbourhood House, BSB: 313 140, Account 12006545

Rest assured all your donations will be utilised for the betterment of those in need!

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Meet Honeybell

Located in the town of Morwell, Victoria, her name is Honeybell Lollipop and she is training to be the first Neighbourhood House therapy dog in Australia!

Believe it or not but 1 in every 5 Australian either suffers, or has suffered from some sort of mental illness in their lives. Depression and anxiety make the top of the list.

Feeling low once in a while is alright. But if this is something that has been going on a for a long time, you need to take this matter seriously.

In order to help those suffering from clinical depression, anxiety disorder, or want help in reducing social isolation and enhancing their wellbeing, Honeybell Lollipop is here!

Community Support

To advance the social and public welfare of the more vulnerable members of our community. We provide a range of supports and programs for people experiencing hardship & disadvantage.

Emergency Food Relief

Our Food Bank shopping days are Wednesday’s and Friday’s 10am – 2pm. We have limited assorted groceries available for those in need of emergency food relief. This is a self-serve program. You choose your groceries from the shelves. No appointment required


As part of our emergency relief service, we also have a shower facility for people in need or experiencing homelessness. Please note: this service is only available via bookings and during manned office hours.

Recharge Point

If you use an electric wheelchair or scooter and you find yourself low on power while you’re out, all you need to do is come and see us and ask to “Recharge”. Coffee and tea available while you wait. Please Note: This service will be available during office hours.”

Emergency Food Bank

Hello and welcome to our Emergency Food Bank at the Morwell Neighbourhood House. We realise how difficult it can be for some people to provide for themselves and their families when they are facing tough times.

If you find yourself in such a situation, please don’t hesitate to visit us.

For families and individuals struggling to put food on their table, our emergency food bank is here to help.

Lawn Mower Bank

At Morwell Neighbourhood House, we take the aesthetics of our community’s homes very seriously. We want our neighbourhoods to be in their best shape, and what better way to keep them that way than having a beautifully trimmed and maintained lawn?!

Chances are there are many people who cannot afford to purchase or rent a lawn mower. If that’s the case with you then our lawn mower bank is just the place for you.

Having a nicely trimmed and shaped lawn will not only make your house look graceful, but also enhance the beauty of the neighbourhood.

To ensure that the Morwell community and its surrounding areas look their best throughout the year, we are offering a FREE lawn mower bank service!


We have a wide range of services available at Morwell Neighbourhood House.

Portable Test and Tag

Do you know if your electrical appliances are safe to use? If not, our Portable Test and Tag service can help. We can test your appliance and tag it to be safe According to the AS3760 Standard.

In most cases your office should be tested every 12 months.

Conference Room for hire

Multiple rooms for hire are available at Morwell Neighbourhood House suitable for all sorts of occasions. From a large conference room, to smaller classrooms. Please scroll down the page to see some of the photos of the rooms we have to offer.

Shared Kitchen

The Kitchen is available to everyone using any of the facilities at Morwell Neighbourhood House. The kitchen contains a Gas Oven, Stove, Dishwasher, Double-Sink, Automatic Hot Water facility and full sized Fridge. All kitchen accessories such as plates, mugs, cutlery, etc is ALL INCLUDED.

Internet Access

At Morwell Neighbourhood House, you have quick easy access to the internet. Need to check your E-mail, Facebook page, send a Tweet or create your own Website? No worries, come in to visit us for access. Charges are $1 per hour plus Printing costs.

Current Programs

Download the full 2020 Morwell Neighbourhood House Program Guide

Repair Cafe Latrobe Valley

The Latrobe Valley Repair Café is an initiative of Morwell Neighbourhood House who are passionate about our environment and finding ways to reduce the amount we contribute to landfill each year.

Free Store

The Morwell Free Store is our very own grassroots effort to redirect items from landfill to people who need them. It has been hosted and supported and operates out of the Morwell Neighbourhood House since 2014.

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