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Help MNH Spread Some Christmas Cheer

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re running a Christmas Donation Drive to help spread some cheers this holiday season.

For most of us, Christmas is a happy time filled with food, family and fun! Unfortunately, there are many others within our community that find Christmas to be a tough time. The season brings extra financial stresses to families – leaving households without the basics meaning sometimes Christmas has to be missed households.

Our Christmas Donation Drive will be run from Monday, 30th October to Monday, 4th December. And we need your help to ensure local families facing disadvantage don’t miss out this Christmas.

We are aiming to put together 150 Christmas food support bags for our local families. While we have some staples, we would be sincerely grateful to receive donations of festive items and non-perishable foods to put into the bags.

Here’s a list some of the welcomed items to help fill our bag:

🎈 Christmas lollies
🎈 Short breads
🎈 Christmas cake
🎈 Sweet Biscuits
🎈 Savoury biscuits
🎈 Pancake mix
🎈 Pudding mix
🎈 Christmas cake
🎈 Breakfast cereal e.g. coco pops, rice bubbles, crunchy nut corns flakes
🎈 Zooper dooper, sunny boys
🎈 Spreads e.g. jams, vegemite, peanut butter, cheese spread
🎈 Tinned fruit
🎈 Custard
🎈 Tinned salmon or tuna,
🎈 Apple sauce and mint sauce
🎈 Tomato and BBQ sauce etc
🎈 Pasta
🎈 Pasta sauce
🎈 Chicken tonight
🎈 Cordial
🎈 Fruit juice
🎈 Sugar
🎈 Coffee
🎈 Milo
🎈 Hot chocolate
🎈 Chips e.g. share packets & multi packs
🎈 Canned whipped cream
🎈 Pretzels
🎈 Soft drink
🎈 Canned and instant meals, e.g., loaded soups
🎈 Muesli bars
🎈 Ice cream cones & toppings
🎈 Dried fruits
🎈 Cake and dessert mix
🎈 Taco and meal kits
🎈 Long life milk

Donations can be dropped at the Morwell Neighbourhood House during opening hours from Monday, 30 October to Monday, 4 December.

May be an image of text that says "JOIN us IN A CAMPAIGN CHRISTMAS FOOD DRIVE 30TH OCTOBER -4TH DECEMBER Please help us spread Christmas cheer. Donate canned fooo & non-perishaable items DROP OFF LOCATION 48 -50 BEATTIE CRESCENT MORWELL MORWELL NEIGHBOURHOOD HOUSE For more information call us on 5134 5488 visit www.morwellnh.org.au"

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