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Lawn Mower Bank

At Morwell Neighbourhood House, we’re committed to enhancing the appearance of our community’s homes. We believe that well-maintained lawns play a significant role in creating beautiful neighbourhoods. However, we understand that not everyone has access to a lawn mower, whether due to financial constraints or other reasons. That’s where our free lawn mower service comes into play.

Having a neatly trimmed and well-kept lawn not only adds grace to your home but also contributes to the overall beauty of the neighbourhood. To ensure that the Morwell community and its surrounding areas look their best year-round, we are proud to offer a FREE lawn mower service!

Our Service Guidelines

We have established a lawn mower bank to address issues keeping people from mowing their lawns.

Our free Lawn Mower Bank service is available to everyone in the Latrobe Valley. If you are a resident of the area and are facing difficulty acquiring a lawn mower, you can visit us to get a working lawn mower.

The rules and regulations of our lawn mower bank are as follows:

- You can acquire a lawn mower via a phone call
- It’s mandatory to book a lawn mower before you come to pick it up
- If you are availing the service for the first time, you will be required to come in person
- You will be asked to show your original ID and provide a copy as well
- On the day of the booking, lawn mowers must be picked up between 9 am-10 am .
- You must return the lawn mower by 2pm on the same day.
- A donation of a gold coin would be much appreciated to cover the fuel costs
- Please do NOT refuel the lawn mower

Our Lawn Mower Borrowing Policies

We don’t charge anything when someone borrows one of our lawn mowers. However, certain conditions must be adhered to:

- If anyone is being abusive or threatening, Morwell Neighbourhood House reserves the right to refuse their services to that person.
- Morwell Neighbourhood House reserves the right to refuse services, including the loaning of a lawn mower, to anyone who is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substance.
- Morwell Neighbourhood House reserves the right to refuse the lending of a lawn mower if the person(s) borrowing it has not taken care of the mower previously, and/or returned it late on multiple occasions.
- Morwell Neighbourhood House reserves the right to refuse the loan of a lawn mower if the person’s transportation is deemed unsuitable.

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