What do foodbank and haircuts have in common?

Riddle me this, Batman?

What do foodbank and haircuts have in common?


Starting on 1st July you will be able to get a free hair cut or trim when you visit the Morwell Neighbourhood House food bank.

A great hair cut not only helps you look fabulous but it also gives you an improved sense of self-worth. It is so important for your physical confidence to look after your hair. If you look good, you feel good.

It is so imperative to us that, when you visit our foodbank that you have a positive experience. This is why Honeybell works most foodbank days and why we are so thrilled to now be offering free haircuts. We are pretty sure we are 1st foodbank in Gippsland to be offering free hair cuts.

We will introduce the amazing hair stylist supporting this work in the next post.

Free haircuts will run once a once from 10am – 2pm. Booking will be essential.

Wednesday 1st July

Wednesday 5th August

Wednesday 2nd September

Wednesday 7th October

Wednesday 4th November

Wednesday 2nd December

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