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Repair Cafe Latrobe Valley

The Repair Cafe Latrobe Valley

The Latrobe Valley Repair Café is an initiative of Morwell Neighbourhood House who are passionate about our environment and finding ways to reduce the amount we contribute to landfill each year.

The Repair Cafe to taps into the incredible wealth of skills & knowledge in our community to help build capacity, support connections, reduce landfill & household spending. Most of all, to provide a space to celebrate our community strengths, a space owned and operated by our community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have a few frequently asked questions to help you.

Why repair things?

We throw away enormous amounts of stuff.
Often items going to land fill have very little wrong with them.
So repairing, fixing, mending them will give them a second life.

What else can you do there? This is a share and learn space.

You might be able to play an instrument or be a history buff with stories from yesterday year to share with someone who is keen to listen. Maybe you have skills in sharpening tools, sewing& mending , repairing string instruments or small battery operated or electrical items

Can I volunteer?

We welcome volunteer repairers. If you have skills in any of these areas we’d love to hear from you.
electrical appliances/ battery operated devices
bicycles/ scooters
furniture/wooden objects
computer/ laptop/ screen repair
general handyman

Repair Cafe on is on the road – tell me more?

The Repair Cafe Latrobe Valley will be hitting the road in 2019. We will be running pop up repair events across Gippsland. We welcome invitations to bring the repair cafe to more communities. if you would like to extend us an invitation you can call the Morwell Neighbourhood house directly on 51345488.

Check the facebook page for future events and locations.

What happens at a Repair Cafe event?

On arrival, all you’ll be asked to complete a Registration Form. The house rules are printed on the reverse and it’s important that you read and understand them and then sign the disclaimer before seeing a repairer. We ask that everyone accepts that all repairs are undertaken at their own risk. The Repair Cafe reserves the right to refuse any item if it is deemed to be in a dangerous condition and also cannot take responsibility for any item once it has left the premises.

After registration, you’re matched up with one of our volunteer repairers who will examine the item, diagnose the problem and offer advice before proceeding with the repair. In the case of an item being damaged or broken beyond repair, the repairer will discuss the options which may, if required, include guidance on its safe disposal. You can work with our volunteer fixers to do the repairs yourself (with their guidance) or have them tackle the job directly and see how it is done. The exchange of a good story with your repairer is always welcome!! With luck, you’ll walk away with a once-again useful item and some knowledge of how to repair other things and greater confidence to do it.

Our repair cafe sessions may get busy and, after the first half hour or so, you may have to wait a bit. You can have a coffee and a look around – it’s pretty interesting seeing other people’s items being fixed. We try and keep waiting times to a minimum but the coffee aspect also provides the opportunity to sit and chat and meet others in your community.

Do I need to book in advanced?

We don’t take bookings in advance but we do invite you to contact us if you’re planning on bringing something that may require materials or parts. Otherwise, you can come along and get the item assessed and then return later or to a future repair cafe event after purchasing or sourcing the fixings you’ll need. The best way to contact us is through our Contact page or on Facebook when we post the repair cafe event that you’re planning on attending.

What do I pay for the Service?

Repair Café doesn’t charge for repairs. It is offered in the spirit of the gift economy where we hope to share what we know and can do with our community. If the purchase of repair parts or materials is required, and they are available, you may be asked to pay for them.

Of course, donations to help cover other expenses, like operating costs and miscellaneous supplies, are always appreciated. We usually have a donation jar at each repair cafe event that you can pop in a gold coin or something of the folding kind! You’re welcome to bring along some baked goods or nibbles to share. If you can tell a grand story while your repair is underway, that too would be gratefully received!

You are welcome to bring any items along that would fit into the above categories.

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