NDIS Activities

We are now offering non registered NDIS activities. We provide workers to run the inclusive activity. We do not provide support workers or transport. You are welcome to have your support worker or family support attend the activity with you.

Our sessions are small group based programs which promote social interaction as well as skills development.

Social and community participation supports will be invoiced weekly.

Groups are available at a 1:1 ratio pending interest.

However, 1:1 is charged at a higher rate.

Our activities fit within 2 areas of the NDIS funding scheme:

1. Core: Assistance with Social and Community Participation: Community and civic participation.

2. Capacity Building: Increased Social and Community Participation: CB Social Community and Civic Participation.

We now require all self-managed and plan-managed participants to enter into a service agreement with the centre prior to the term commencing and participants will be invoiced accordingly.

We will not exclude you if you are NDIA managed, however, we do request you undergo an NDIS light touch review and request a hybrid plan – which will enable participants to engage in our additional activities.

NDIS Children

Sensory Art: Ages 7 – 12
Ratio 1:5

Sensory Art provides opportunities for children to use their senses when they take part in a variety of experiences. Encouraging children to explore, investigate, create and examine during sensory experiences helps them identify and associate textures with how they feel.

Term 1: Thurs 06/02 – 26/03 4pm – 5:30pm (1.5 hrs)
Term 2: Thurs 16/04 – 25/06 4pm – 5:30pm (1.5hrs)

NDIS Adult

NDIS Social Gardening
1:5 Ratio

An interactive garden group for those wishing to explore gardening, join together and have fun. These groups are open to all level of abilities. A NDIS activity that will enable participants to develop garden skills whilst engaging in a low-stress social opportunity.

Term 1: Thurs 06/02 – 26/03 1pm – 3pm (2hrs)
Term 2: Thurs 16/04 – 25/06 1pm – 3pm (2hrs)


1:5 Ratio

Walky-talkies is an opportunity for participants to connect with each other, get some exercise and spend time with Honeybell the therapy dog. Enjoy a cuppa at the House after your walk.

Term 1: Fri 07/02 – 27/03 9:30am – 10:30am (1hr)
Term 2: Fri 17/04 – 26/06 9:30am – 10:30am (1hr)

Healthy Me – Cooking

1:4 Ratio

Participants will learn healthy cooking skills so they can make delicious, fresh meals for themselves at home. Each week participants work through a different recipe as well as information on health, nutrition and food handling and take home a meal they have made.

Term 1: Wed 05/02 – 25/03 1pm – 3pm (2hrs)
Term 2: Wed 15/04 – 24/06 1pm – 3pm (2hrs)
This program is run at a ratio of 1 team member to 3 participants (1:3)

Technology Sessions

1:5 Ratio

Technology sessions that allow for skill advancement, but also provide a low-stress social opportunity for participants. Our activities fit within 2 areas of the NDIS funding scheme.

Term 1: Wed 05/02 – 25/03 1pm – 3pm or Fri 07/02 – 27/03 10am – 12pm (2hrs)
Term 2: Wed 15/04 – 24/06 1pm – 3pm or Fri 17/04 – 26/06 10am – 12pm (2hrs)

Social Craft

1:5 Ratio

The sessions have capacity to service both participants who want a skills-development approach to their art (Capacity Building Courses) as well as those who would like to pursue their own general art interests within a group setting and with mentoring from experienced facilitators (Core). The activity fits within 2 areas of the NDIS funding scheme. Each session has a minimum ratio of 1 team member to 5 participants

Term 1: Mon 03/02 – 23/03 1pm – 3pm (2hrs)
Term 2: Mon 20/04 – 23/06 1pm – 3pm (2hrs)*
*Excluding public holiday – 08/0

Art Therapy

1:5 Ratio

Looking for a fun and supportive art therapy group that will give you a chance to explore your interests in art with the support of experienced facilitators. NO artistic skill required, just a willingness to have a go. You will be able to develop new skills and we will aim to provide to find different ways to express your-self. Participants will have an opportunity to guide the programs development. We look forward to meeting

Term 1: Sat 08/02 – 28/03 1pm – 3pm (2hrs) Cost $5.00 per session for art materials
Term 2: Sat 09/05 – 28/06 1pm – 3pm (2hrs) (excl. 06/06) Cost $5.00 per session for art materials

Social Eats Tuesday

Social Eats Tuesday is so much more than just dinner. You get to: Meet new people, Catch up with friends, Enjoy a delicious meal. This year we will again be bringing in community groups and agencies to talk with us about what they do in the community, and we have some exciting THEME DAYS planned too.

Social Eats Evenings will be offered as a community and NDIS inclusive activity.

Term 1: Tue 25/02, 03/03, 17/03 & 24/03
Term 2: Weekly starting back Tue 14/04 (excl. 12/05)
Doors open 4:30pm, meal served at 5:30pm
Cost: $5.00

MNHLC graciously acknowledges St Vincent De Paul Morwell & Loy Yang B Power Station for their support of this program.

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