Foodbank Precautions and Changes.

With the COVID-19 Virus now well upon us, we have implemented some extra precautions to ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers and community.

We want to help protect all the vulnerable people who access our House and we need your help to do it.

Firstly, there will be more frequent cleaning of our surface areas and bathroom facilities.

Secondly, our Staff and volunteers will be increasing their hand washing or using hand santizer.

Thirdly, if you are visiting us for foodbank, or any other service or support you will ask you to wash your hands before we serve you.


Our priority is to keep our foodbank open. This essential service supports hundreds of people in our community and we really need your help to keep it operating as long as we possibly can.

If you have stockpiled, please considered donating some of you excess stock to one of our local foodbank’s. Your pay it forward contribution will go a long to supporting those who are missing out through no fault of their own.

Everyone visiting the foodbank will be asked to wash their hands before we serve you.

We are experiencing high demand in the foodbank, therefore we respectfully asked for your patience as we work to support you.

As a result of the increase in demand and to ensure we can support as many people as possible we have lowered the number of items you can choose from the shelves. The new limits now start at 5 items and go up by 1 for each person in the family. We are hoping the limits restrictions will only be temporary.

Please be mindful that Foodbank is supported and run by a generous team of community volunteers.

If you are sick please send someone in to pick up what you need.
We would appreciate it if you called ahead to tell us who will be coming in on your behalf.

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