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Donate to Help the Community!

At Morwell Neighbourhood House, our goal is to help individuals and families of our community. We even go beyond our community and extend our aid to Morwell’s surrounding communities. We are a registered charity and non-profit centre, working for the welfare of those suffering from distress and isolation, or experiencing poverty and disadvantage. Even though we have a modest budget, we do the best with what we have in an efficient and effective manner. Our services have been set up in a way that help in advancing the public and social welfare of the Morwell Neighbourhood and nearby communities.

In order to increase the independence of disadvantaged people, our centre provides:

• Educational Support

• Skills Learning

• Training and Volunteering Opportunities

• Support Programs

However, we cannot do it without your help!

If you wish to make a positive impact in our community, you can do so by becoming a donor to the Morwell Neighbourhood House donations in the following ways:

• Cash Donations (Any monetary donations over $2 are tax deductible!)

• In-Kind Donations (Donating Goods and Services!)

• Direct Deposit to Bank Account: Morwell Neighbourhood House, BSB: 313 140, Account 12006545

Rest assured all your donations will be utilised for the betterment of those in need!

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