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Centre of Resiliance

Centre of Resilience (COR)

The Centre of Resilience (COR) is a community development model piloted at Emerald Community House committing to resilience building ideas and initiatives that stimulate community strength, trust and durability in communities. MorwellNH is proud to be a member of COR Emerald.

COR Strategy

We adopt a strategy that contributes to community continuity using social, economic, natural and built environments

We embed resilience strategies into our goals and objectives, programs, policies and strategic plans

We commit to community development approaches by empowering people to get involved and be the change they seek

We find out what people value, identify what they can do to get there and assist them to achieve it

We identify lateral networking opportunities and increase local interoperability through activities and partnerships

We maintain an online ideas bank that showcases what is happening elsewhere and provide an opportunity for local networks to flourish laterally

We develop partnerships locally, nationally and even internationally to create collaborative networks with other organisations to spread our collective resilience to support each other

We source support through creative means – individual, government, philanthropic and organizational and draw interest from business and other organization partnerships.

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