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A Kinder Cup

Our Vision

Every time you buy a coffee from us you are filling up someone else's cup. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase go directly to charity at the Morwell Neighborhood House, to help ensure staff and volunteers can continue to support local communities with their important work.

About Kinder Cup

It's more than coffee. A Kinder Cup provides an opportunity for kindness and compassion to shine through with every
connection and coffee we make.
Every time you buy a coffee, you are filling someone else's cup. When you buy a coffee, or pay one forward, your money is reinvested into programs that operate across the Morwell Neighbourhood House and it's social enterprise cafe, A Kinder Cup.

Our Values

Everything we do is guided by our core values:
• Be authentic
• Be bold
• Be compassionate
• Be respectful
• Be innovative
• Be thoughtful
And, most importantly:
• Be kind

Keep your Cup

You can get your coffee 50 cents cheaper if you bring your own cup!

Our Team

A Kinder Cup is a social enterprise cafe, meaning that the people we employ might be learning to work in a cafe for
the first time. You could say that we have our “L-plates” on and because we’re learning, you might have to wait a
minute longer. YOU know the wait is worth it.

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